Monday, June 21, 2010

the junk shot

Hi friends,

This is brennan. I've been banished to blog from my previous project, because Erin has WAY too much junk on her computer. Photoshop will no longer let me crop images because the startup disk is too full -- I didn't even know that could happen. So while I'm moving things over to the hard drive, I'm playing on the blog and facebook.

Not that I have time to be spending on facebook. It's only Monday, and there's already tons of stuff to work on. Already today we've sent off the newsletter we were working on to the folks at Keller Williams, started work on an event logo for our friends at Operation Honor Our Heros for their Shadow Run 5 and 10K and worked on website updates.

I also spent a little bit of time trying to learn about CSS3 -- all in pursuit of sexing up the Victory Dog website a little. (you know, in our gobs of free time around here).

We're also working on getting registered with the Austin Gay & Lesbian Chamber of Commerce as an LGBT-friendly company.

It's been a busy, busy Monday -- but that's how we like it!

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