Tuesday, May 25, 2010

alcohol is not a drug

Well, it's been another great day in Victory Dog land -- even though, much to Erin's dismay, I am still not Eleanor. But I'm confident that given our similar tastes in men, music and snarky blog humor, I'll be a decent replacement.

This is Brennan, by the way. I had a cameo appearance in Christina's last post, but they've given me the wheel for today.

I think everyone had a blast at Pachanga. I ate about 20 GoodPops and drank my weight in beer, but we walked around a lot, so maybe I broke even. Spent plenty of time in the swanky, air-conditioned VIP area, sampling salsa and lots of yummy food. Apparently some bands even played, or something. KIDDING. If I could move more than one body part at a time, I would have danced the whole time.

I've spent most of my time today mocking up some business cards for the Blue Oak Grill in Round Rock and trying not to cut myself during Erin's "I'm-an-emotional-girl" mix. And LOVING it.



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