Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Russell Tether - Fine Arts Associates, LLC

Over the past couple months, we've been in discussion with out client Russell Tether about creating a new site for him to display early Texas art, only.

We originally set up a tumblr platform for him to showcase his early Texas artwork, thinking it would be easiest for the client to update and fairly low maintenance overall. After more discussion, however, we came to the collective decision that it would be better for him if we just built a new site from scratch. You can see preliminary mock ups below.

They're in a similar style to the tumblr layout we were playing with, but also reference the color and font schemes of his original web site (available for viewing here). The idea is that all early Texas artists would be listed down the side, and artwork is shown per square. By clicking on a square, you'll be taken to the second layout where you can see the artwork larger, as well as all other artwork by the same artist below.

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